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Here you can down­load some of my uti­li­ties. This site replaces the for­mer down­load page as of now. I will publish any new ver­si­on or new uti­li­ty here. It is just easier to maintain.


Par­Ser is a uti­li­ty to con­struct a non-stan­dard resi­stance or capa­ci­tance value from a set of stan­dard resi­stors or capa­ci­tors. Par­Ser sup­ports dif­fe­rent topo­lo­gies of up to three indi­vi­du­al com­pon­ents. Par­Ser can also cal­cu­la­te vol­ta­ge divi­ders and find a set of sui­ta­ble resi­stors. The mini­mum and maxi­mum shunt cur­rent can be spe­ci­fied as well as the nomi­nal load current.

Here is the Par­Ser Online Help.

ParSer_Executables (Ver. 1.03)

ParSer_Source (Ver. 1.03)

The name Par­Ser is mis­lea­ding. It stands for parallel/serial con­nec­tion of resi­stors or capa­ci­tors. I’m not very hap­py myself with this name, but now it’s out and I’m not going to chan­ge it.


Bin2C is a uti­li­ty to con­vert bina­ry files to C source code. It pro­vi­des a simp­le way to inclu­de bina­ry files (e.g. images or audio files) in embed­ded pro­jects, which often do not sup­port any file system.

Here is the Bin2C Online Help.

Bin2C Exe­cu­ta­bles (Ver. 2.10)

Bin2C Source Files (Ver. 2.10)

Gene­ral Comments:

All uti­li­ties are writ­ten for Win­dows and should run on all cur­rent ver­si­ons. Plea­se let me know if you encoun­ter any pro­blems or if you have any recom­men­da­ti­on for impro­ve­ments. None of the uti­li­ties needs to be instal­led. Just copy the .exe file to your pre­fer­red path and remo­ve the file for unin­stal­ling it.
The uti­li­ties store some para­me­ters in the regi­s­try or in an ini-file. See the respec­ti­ve help file for details.

All files are com­pres­sed with 7‑zip.

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