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Here you can download some of my utilities. This site replaces the former download page as of now. I will publish any new version or new utility here. It is just easier to maintain.


ParSer is a utility to construct a non-standard resistance or capacitance value from a set of standard resistors or capacitors. ParSer supports different topologies of up to three individual components. ParSer can also calculate voltage dividers and find a set of suitable resistors. The minimum and maximum shunt current can be specified as well as the nominal load current.

Here is the ParSer Online Help.

ParSer_Executables (Ver. 1.03)

ParSer_Source (Ver. 1.03)

The name ParSer is misleading. It stands for parallel/serial connection of resistors or capacitors. I’m not very happy myself with this name, but now it’s out and I’m not going to change it.


Bin2C is a utility to convert binary files to C source code. It provides a simple way to include binary files (e.g. images or audio files) in embedded projects, which often do not support any file system.

Here is the Bin2C Online Help.

Bin2C Executables (Ver. 2.10)

Bin2C Source Files (Ver. 2.10)

General Comments:

All utilities are written for Windows and should run on all current versions. Please let me know if you encounter any problems or if you have any recommendation for improvements. None of the utilities needs to be installed. Just copy the .exe file to your preferred path and remove the file for uninstalling it.
The utilities store some parameters in the registry or in an ini-file. See the respective help file for details.

All files are compressed with 7-zip.

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