ParSer is a utility to construct a non-standard resistance or capacitance value from a set of resistors or capacitors. ParSer stands for parallel/serial connection of resistors or capacitors. ParSer supports different topologies of up to three individual components. ParSer can also calculate voltage dividers and find a set of suitable resistors. The minimum and maximum shunt current can be specified as well as the nominal load current. ParSer is freeware and therefore any warranty is excluded. ParSer may be downloaded from

with the source code included. Feel free to adapt the program to your individual requirements.

Latest changes in Version 1.03:

Both changes are not much of an advantage for ParSer, but I changed the "winlib" accordingly and so these changes came for free. Unicode may be used in the files for private resistor and capacitor sets. That applies to the filename and to the comment lines. The 64-bit version came also practically for free, but it does not seem to have an advantage in execution speed or memory use. Both versions are included in the package. I suggest to use the one, which fits to your operating system.

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